Premium Kids Weighted Blanket – Child Kid Weights and Sizes



PREMIUM MATERIALS – We use super comfortable and soft cotton and polyester – just like your clothes. Some competing brands fill the blanket with sand to provide the weight. Who wants sand all over their child’s bed! Stick with ZZZ Weighted Blankets for top quality. EASY TO CLEAN – Simply unzip the cover and wash and dry the soft blanket in your clothes washer. Other brands of blankets are all one piece and can be a nightmare to clean and can’t be put in the wash. But with ours, just unzip and throw it in the wash. PERFECT COLOR – The outside is a columbia blue with raised dots. We blended a sea green and aqua for the inside to create the perfect color combination. EVEN WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION – NOTE: The inner quilted blanket is attached to the outer duvet with 6 ties. You may need to retie some of these more tightly prior to use to make sure the inner blanket stays perfectly in place. Quilted squares inside keep the weight distribution even throughout the blanket. Competing brands missing these quilted squares lead to heavy and light spots, but ZZZ Weighted Blankets keep the weight evenly distributed for the maximum calming effect.


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