Zobi Weighted Blanket 30lbs Grand King Size



100% Cotton ? Meet, Zobi | The NEW, Very-Improved Weighted Blanket! | ? WATCH the VIDEO! ? ?THE ZOBI ZIPPER | Attaches ALL Interior Edges and Corners of the Duvet Cover to the Blanket/Comforter. (One-Single ZIP eliminates saggy, droopy, and uneven bedding.) ? SMART WEIGHT | Weighted specifically to apply less weight around the edges/corners to prevent weight pull (i.e. If the corner hangs off the bed – the blanket will not be pulled down with it.) ?ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY | ?Weighted with Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly Glass Beads. Hypoallergenic Fabrics are used to provide a soft, yet most durable weighted blanket. ?NEEN HELP CHOOSING THE RIGHT WEIGHTED BLANKET? | If your Zobi Blanket is strictly for Sleeping; we recommend matching your Mattress Size. (Note: If you’re wanting the blanket to hang off the bed – order a size up.) If you want to use your Zobi Blanket around the house; we recommend a smaller size for better mobility and use. The truth of picking the right weight is entirely down to preference.


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